G Essentials

Pat Heffling, Clear Channel Radio, 695-0528, patheffling@clearchannel.com
Appliance Repair and Parts
Coach Z's Appliance Repair, 282-5646. 
Joseph Mooney, Mooney Appliance & Repair LLC, 206-0707.  www.mooneyappliancerepair.com
appliancepros, 271-2300
Sundberg, 257-2580, madison@appliance-parts.net, www.appliance-parts.com
Appraisals (Estate, Personal Property, Antiques, Fine Art)
Shirley Baumann, Heirloom Appraisal & Estate Service, 241-2615
Robert Bell, 255-5502
Janine Glaeser, Sustainable Design and Historic Preservation, 576-7176
Estate Planning: Bob Nennig, 661-4333, www.protectingfamilies.net
Injury: Sally Hestad, Hestad Law, 273-1600, www.hestadlaw.com
Divorce: Dan D. Gartzke, 575-5475, dan@gartzkelaw.com
Real Estate: 
     Mike Luttig, 663-0888, info@luttiglaw.com, www.LuttigLaw.com
         Jeff Goldman, 395-6730 
Basement Repair, Mold, Asbestos, etc
Water Cleanup:
Josh Duggan, Chem Dry of Madison, 271-5900, up to 50% off with the Stark Essentials discount
A&J Specialty Services, Inc., 846-9525, www.aandjss.com
Inspection and Repair:
Josef Botters, Airtite Environmental Services, LLC 920-979-1609, www.airtiteenvironmental.com airtiteenvironmental@gmail.com
A&J Specialty Services, Inc., 846-9525, www.aandjss.com
Ray Tierney, SCS Engineers, www.scsengineers.com, rtierney@scsengineers.com, 216-7332
Birch Environmental Maintenance, 658-1913
Fred Pfanku, Badger Basements, 235-2342 or 829-1880, www.badgerbasementsystems.com
Zander Solutions LLC, 833-6620, http://www.zandersolutions.com
Kyle Mellon, Tri-State Basement Repair, 604-1770, kmellon@tristatebasementrepair.com, www.tristatebasementrepair.com
Bathtub, Wall and Shower Liner Renewal
Jerry and Pam Gerstl, Renew-it llc, 838-6556, www.Renew-It.us
Book Keeping
Margie Zilic, Balance your Business, 661-9258, www.MargieZilic.com
Carpet Cleaning - Ask for the "Stark Essentials" discount
Nancy, Advanced Dry Carpet, 438-1517, 15% off with the Stark Essentials discount
Josh Duggan, Chem Dry of Madison, 271-5900, up to 50% off with the Stark Essentials discount
Stanley Steemer, 222-3627, 1-800-783-3637, 10% off Stark Essentials discount
Jeremy Cossman, 333-2114, Renew Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning LLC, Carpets, tile & grout, flood restoration & carpet repair, 20% off with the Stark Essentials discount 
Top Quality Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, 222-0055, 10% off with the Stark Essentials discount 
Carpet Stretching
Dan Metz, 576-9236
Chimney Service and Repair
Jayson Fox, Fox Chimney Service LLC, 215-6064, foxchimney@live.com, www.foxchimney.com
Geri Gust, Badger Masonry, 850-3414, www.Badgermasonry@tds.net
Bristle Chimney Sweeps, Inc., 249-6678
Dr Julie Wilke, Wilke Chiropractic, 238-4998, drjuliewilke@gmail.com www.shorewoodwellness.com
Clay Tiles
Linda Leighton, Higher Fire Clay Studio, 233-3050, www.higherfireclaystudio.com
Gabriela Pezua, 510-229-0677
Laura Jasiczek, 352-0441 or 215-3252, cleanandpreen@gmail.com, www.cleanandpreen.com
Closets, Garage Storage, Home Office, Pantries. Murphy Beds - Design and Build
Kim Elton, tailored living, 345-9994, kelton@tailoredliving.com, tailoredliving.com/Madison
Construction Solutions
Construction Solutions, Art Sandridge, 358-3084, art@constructionsolutionsmidwest.com, www.constructionsolutionsmidwest.com
Maggie Eckert, Mary Kay, magpie19@gmail.com
Dee Tesch, Arbonne International, www.arbonne.com/pws/deetesch/tabs/about-me.aspx
Credit Card Processing Fees Lowered and Mobile Technology
Derrick Taylor, 520-4959, Derrick.taylor@e-hps.com
Mason Tikkanen, 819-8666, mason.tikkanen@motusfinancial.com
Jay C. Hazen, D.D.S., 251-8790, www.dentistryformadison.com
Driveway repair and mudjacking - including sidewalks, pool decks, patios, etc
Nick LaBansky, Dry Otter Concrete Raising, 334-6044, NickL@DryOtterBasement.com, www.dryotterconcreteraising.com
Brett Fish, Fish Concrete Raising, 609-6875, Brett@FishConcreteRaising.com, www.FishConcreteRaising.com
Clint Johnson, MudTech, 477-2556, 262-613-9939, Mudtechworks@gmail.com
Dean Richard, Drywall Concepts Inc, 220-6074, ddrywallconcepts@aol.com
Flint Enerson, FE Electric, 574-7546 or 333-1761 (Ray Simmons), fe.electric@charter.net
John, Isthmus Electric, 512-6590 or 574-0478 (Don), www.isthmuselectric.com
Mr Sparks, LLC, 712-7759, www.mrsparkyllc.com
Mike and Heidi, E&S Electric, 235-6765, www.eandselectric.com
Rick Walstad, Hill Electric, 256-2983, rwalstad@hillelectric.tv, www.hillelectric.tv
Financial Advisors
Craig Klaas, Registered Investment Advisor Associate, Klaas Financial Asset Advisors, LLC, 442-5637
Flooring Installation
Sergenian's 273-6309
Flooring Sales
Scott Wang, Sergenian's, 273-6300, 271-1111 ext 338, scottw@sergenians.com, www.sergenians.com
Tim Miller, ProSource, 441-0101
Floor Plan Sketching Services
John J Brzezinski, Home View Services, 469-3456, johnbrz@charter.net
Garage Door Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
Phil Flinchum, Aspen Garage Door, Inc., 279-3667
Graphic Design
Mark Porter, MAP Graphic Design, 238-8205, www.map.mporterstudio.com, www.mapgraphicdesign.com
Tom Shepherd, Ace Hardware on Willy, 257-1630
Heating and Cooling
Jeff Markgraf, Hellestad, 235-3161, jeff@hillestadheating.com
Mike Moulton, Bethke Heating & Air Conditioning, llc., 251-2222 or 845-6396
Dale's Heating and Air Conditioning LLC, 845-9353
Jason Jenny Plumbing and Heating, Inc, 877-1477, www.jasonjennyplumbing.com
Home Inspection Services
Dennis Kruger, Southern Wisconsin Home Inspection, 575-0371, swhi@charter.net, www.southernwisconsinhomeinspection.com
Paul Hughet, Capitol Inspection Services, LLC, 608-515-8950 (based in Central Madison)
Bruce Statz, Statz Inspection Services, LLC, 608-212-7705, www.statzinspection.com
Dan Kruger, 516-7636, www.krugerhomeinspections.com
Joeseph Dach, Area Inspection Services, LLC, 920-988-8035, joe@areainspectionservices.com, www.areainspectionservices.com (based in Johnson Creek serving all of Southern Wisconsin)
Well and Septic Inspector - Marty Bethke, 845-6523, deanjudd.pumps@yahoo.com
Well and Septic Inspector - Ron Raduenz, 920-988-7372, www.rdrsepticandwell.com, rdr@netwurx.net (based in Watertown will travel)
Professional Pest Control, 258-3136, http://www.profpestcontrol.com/
Terminix, Chris Knutson, 294-0459, Especially for VA loan termite inspections or termite pre-treatments.
Homeowner's Insurance
Daniel Piazza, 241-9000, diazza@amfam.com
Dennis Bertz, 238-5800, www.abacusbertz.com
Thomas Dunn, 345-9566, tdunn@bgolldunn.com, www.bgolldunn.com
Janelle Higgins, 443-4737, j_higgins@neckerman.com, www.neckerman.com
Chris Walby, Universal Home Protection Home Warranty Plans, 219-7073, chris@uhpwarranty.com, www.uhpwarranty.com
Home Remodeling
Rick Sherry, 575-7967, rick@buildwithrvalue.com
Jim Marx, 575-9830
DC Kammann Property Management, Doug, 225-5219, bigdog751@msn.com
Bill Duter, 695-1958, systemsandrepairs@gmail.com
Prairie Home Enhancements, 215-2579, kcv47811@gmail.com
Mike Fountain, House Doctors, 576-3163, ffountain@centurytel.net
James Westring, Westring Construction, 441-5435, www.westringconstruction.com
Tom Haver, Haver Design, 241-4297
Ray Cisewski, Choice Improvements, 558-2445, www.choiceimprovement.com
Daniel Piazza, 241-9000, diazza@amfam.com
Dennis Bertz, Abacus Bertz Insurance, 238-5800, dbertz@abacusbertz.com, www.abacusbertz.com
Thomas Dunn, 345-9566, tdunn@bgolldunn.com, www.bgolldunn.com
Janelle Higgins, 443-4737, j_higgins@neckerman.com, www.neckerman.com
Interior Design
Pat Laubach, 203-5205
Rebecca, DC Interiors, 444-0571, rebecca@debcorninginteriors.com, www.debcorninginteriors.com
Junk Removal
ReStore Habitate for Humanity East 661-2813 West 442-9919 Donations 663-1191 www.restoredane.org
City of Madison Refuse, www.cityofmadison.com, East 246-4532 West 266-4681
Clean Sweep, www.cityofmadison.com, $10 per trip, 7102 US HWY 12 Madison, WI 53718
Got Junk, www.1800gotjunk.com, 1-800-468-5865
College Hunks Hauling Junk, www.collegehunks.com, 1-888-689-5999
Landscaping Services
Kenny Schulenberg, 712-7993, kennyschulenberg@ymail.com, www.schulenbergent.com
Johan Ragner, 527-5802
Casey Miller, Nathan Rohde, Miller-Rhode llc., 235-8997, miller_rhode@yahoo.com
Tom Cleven, 844-1222, tdcleven@wisc.edu
Formecology llc., 882-6656, info@formecology.com, www.formecology.com
Lenders and Mortgage Brokers/Bankers
Joe Boyle, Wisonsin Bank and Trust, 217-9968, jboyle@wisconsinbankandtrust.com
Nate Stotlar, Prime Lending, 215-5379, nstotlar@primelending.com
Denyse Stoneman, Wells Fargo, 242-8086, denyse.stoneman@wellsfargo.com
Heather Mitchell, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, 212-5881, heatherm@fairwaymc.com
Live Music
Beth Wilson, Monroe Chamber Trio, 271-7840
Kevin Pachucki, Madison Top, 772-2338 or 277-9111, kevin@madisontop.com, www.madisontop.com
Carol Brausen, Signs By Tomorrow, 246-9663, madison@signsbytomorrow.com, www.signsbytomorrow.com/madison
Jean Austin, Send Out Cards, Cards2Share, 220-4814, jaustin8988@yahoo.com
Marketing Strategy and Planning
Victoria Jones, Victoria Jones Strategic Marketing Communications Inc, 215-7621, mail@VickyJones.com, www.VickyJones.com
Masonry and Construction 
Derek Forbes, 513-9729, forbescnstrctn@yahoo.com
Massage Therapist/ Accupunture/ Chiropractic
Elevation, 661-3636, info@elevationspa.net
Hao Wang MD, PhD, L.Ac, Dr Wang's Acupuncture Clinic, 957-9677, wanghacu@gmail.com, www.wanghacu.com
Dr Julie Wilke, drjuliewilke@gmail.com
Dr. Jamie Lenz, 274-6200, drjamielenz@gmail.com, www.springtimechiropractic.com
Mural Artist
Donna Leet, 828-9940
Outdoor Adventure
Wil Guernsey, 658-8902, wguernsey@starkhomes.com
Eric Sherman, Ice Age Trail Alliance, 798-4453, eric@iceagetrail.org, www.iceagetrail.org
Gary Stone, Isthmus Sailboards and Paddleboard Specialists, 1-800-437-1153, www.IsthusSailboards.com, www.PaddleboardSpecialists.com
Madison Area Outdoor Meetup Group, www.meetup.com/madcityoutdoors
David Noyce, 445-3249, classicconceptsllc@gmail.com
Bob Wombacher, 279-8827, bbbob@tds.net
Jeff Kjos, 320-1879 - Specializing in interior painting
Scott Odden, 220-9800, phoenixpainting@charter.net, www.phoenixpaintingmadison.com
Joel, owner of Fox-Kahl Painting and Tree Service, llc, 437-4696
Pet Sitting
Mary Hillebrand and Angie Hickerson, Capital Critter Sitters, 608-556-8146, hillerson@CapitalCritterSitters.com
Kevin Fredendall, All Wall Restoration, 234-1336
Lenny Moore, Robin Hood Plumbing, 843-9995, robinhoodplumbing@gmail.com, www.robinhoodplumbing.com
Brian, Steve Mook Plumbing, 695-1198
Peter Lichtfeld, Pete's Plumbing, llc., 843-1030, petesplumbing@charter.net
Jason Jenny Plumbing and Heating, Inc, 877-1477, www.jasonjennyplumbing.com
Property Management
Justin Dobson, 217-1547
Radon Measurement and Mitigation
Carl Francis, 920-948-1345, www.heycarl.com
Dennis Kruger, 575-0371, swhi@charter.net  
Robin Guernsey, Stark Company Realtors, 213-8778, www.RobinGuernsey.com
Wil Guernsey, Stark Company Realtors, 658-8902, www.WilGuernsey.com
Send friends and family to our website at www.ChirpMoo.com
Relocation and Moving Service
Kathy Rounds, TLC Relocation, 576-1794, www.tlc-relocation.com
Tom LaChance, NextStep Senior Services, LLC, 772-5645, www.NextStepSeniorServices.com, Tom.NextStep@wi.rr.com
Roofing and Gutter Cleaning
Jim Schroeckenthaler, Budget Roofing, 347-4868
Britt Downing, 446-0954
Satellite TV Installer
Tom Johnson, 318-4446, Tom.Johnson@StarSatellite.Biz, www.StarSatellite.Biz
Snow Removal
Kenny Schulenberg, 712-7993, kennyschulenberg@ymail.com, www.schulenbergent.com
Jim Schultz, 217-9137
Joey John, Avalanche Snow Removal LLC, 438-9205
Structural Engineers
Norbert Lovata, 271-7812
Technology Consulting - Server and Desktop Support
Jeff Bitgood, Ganesha Technology Consulting, 577-3426, Jeff@GaneshaTechnologyConsulting.com
Tree Care and Removal
Sean Gere, Gere Tree Care Inc, 223-9126, sean@geretreecare.com, www.geretreecare.com
Joel, owner of Fox-Kahl Painting and Tree Service, llc, 437-4696
Video Production
Jim Stiener, light switch, inc. stiener@mac.com, 575-5769
Tweedee Productions, mac@tweedeeproductions.com
The vendors participating listed above are independent contractors and are not affiliated with Stark Company Realtors or Robin Guernsey unless otherwise indicated. Customers/Clients are responsible for the actual selection of a vendor and for determining whether a vendor's qualifications, products, and work product are satisfactory. Customers/Clients are free to use vendors who are not listed above. Stark Company Realtors and Robin Guernsey make no warranties, representations, or guarantees regarding the products, services, qualifications, work product, or business practices of vendors listed above.